7130-Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Exam MB6-893

This course prepares you for Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Exam MB6-893.
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Course Length: 13 Hours 01 Minutes 04 Seconds

Course Outline

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Exam MB6-893 Preparation

This course prepares you for Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials MB6-893 Certification Exam.

This module discusses the following topics:

At Course Completion
The goal of this course is to enable students to:
  • Set up and configure the Finance modules
  • Define and format the General Ledger module
  • Define Currency and Exchange RatesD
  • Define and create the Chart of Accounts and account structures
  • Set up Fiscal Calendars, Years, and Periods
  • Create and define financial dimensions and financial dimension sets Create period allocations
  • Set up journals
  • Define the General Ledger parameters
  • Format the Cash and Bank Management module
  • Define bank transaction types and transaction groups
  • Set up bank groups
  • Create bank accounts
  • Define the Cash and Bank Management parameters
  • Understand the Accounts Receivable module
  • Define customer posting profiles
  • Set up Customer Payment information
  • Create customers
  • Define the Accounts Receivable parameters
  • Define an organizational structure for centralized payments
  • Define the Accounts Payable module
  • Define vendor posting profiles
  • Set up vendor payment information
  • Define invoice matching
  • Create vendors
  • Set up vendor 1099 information
  • Define the account payable parameters
  • Define an organizational structure for centralized payments
  • Set up and configure the Fixed Assets module
  • Define depreciation methods and conventions
  • Set up depreciation profiles and books
  • Set up value models
  • Define Fixed Asset parameters
  • Create fixed assets
  • Set up and assign bar codes to assets
  • Lend fixed assets
  • Set up, configure, and process sales tax
  • Define sales tax setup procedures
  • Define ledger posting groups
  • Create sales tax codes
  • Create sales and item tax groups
  • Define sales tax authorities
  • Define withholding tax
  • Understand sales tax transactions
  • Revise sales tax prior to posting a transaction
  • Post sales tax on prepayments
  • Create transactions with conditional sales tax
  • Set up basic budgeting and budget planning
  • Understand budgeting concepts and types
  • Define budget concepts, discuss different budget types
  • Set up and configure the Budgeting module
  • Define and set up the different budget configurations
  • Define the budget parameters
  • Define and generate budget plans
  • Define budget planning configuration
  • Create budget plans
  • Process budget plans
  • Modify budget plans in Excel
  • Create Budget Register entries
  • Process Budget Register entries
  • Transfer budget balances
  • Define budget allocations
  • Update Budget Register entries in Excel
  • Process Register entries from budget plans
  • Create Budget Register entries from budget plans
  • Manage Financial daily procedures
  • Review and process General Ledger daily procedures
  • Create voucher templates
  • Process periodic journals
  • Process period allocations
  • Create and process accrual schemes
  • Reverse a transaction
  • Create reversing entries
  • Process and understand Cash and Bank Management daily procedures
  • Create and delete checks
  • Void a check and create payment reversals
  • Create and cancel deposit slips
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Create and process Accounts Receivable daily procedures
  • Create free text invoices
  • Process prepayments
  • Create payment journals
  • Reverse settlements
  • Reimburse a customer
  • Review and process Accounts Payable daily procedures
  • Define and create different types of invoice journals
  • Manage vendor invoices, process prepayments
  • Create payment journals
  • Review and process Fixed Asset daily procedures
  • Define transaction types available
  • Process acquisitions through the General Ledger and Purchasing modules
  • Process depreciations
  • Process disposals
  • Process value adjustments
  • Set up and use Collections Management and Consolidations
  • Configure Collections settings
  • Set up and process collection letters
  • Set up and calculate interest
  • Process interest adjustments
  • Set up customer pools and aging period definitions
  • Manage Collections information
  • Review aging snapshots
  • Process customer statements
  • Create write-off transactions
  • Add activities to transactions through the Collections screen
  • Define Consolidations settings
  • Set up and define a consolidation company
  • Add consolidation information to main accounts
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